My work:
Pumkin Carriage

I built around 90% of the "pumpkin" version of Cinderella's carriage for the transformation/de-transformation, post midnight sequence. This involved taking the design of the original fully transformed carriage and rebuilding it to consist of vines, wood, leaves and pumpkin elements.

Mice and transformations

A large portion of my time on the show was spent on the mice. I worked on all 4 of the mice models throughout most of the show, helping deal with design and general model changes.

I was also responsible for building and maintaining the transformation meshes that allowed us to transform the mice into horses, and vise versa.


For the bluebirds, I was tasked with adapting and reshaping a previous bird model to become our bluebirds. This involved adjusting and maintaining the feather models.

Facial blendshapes

I worked on facial blendshapes for the coach driver, two of the 4 horses and all mice


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