My work:

Worked has consisted of: Hero facial blendshapes, character design/sculpting, character modelling.



The bulk of my time on the Demiguise character was spent working on a full set of FACS facial blendshapes, with the main focus on expression.
As his eyes were the dominating feature on his face, we spent a lot of time fine tuning all eye related blendshapes to help produce realistic fluid eye blinking, looking and rolling movements without breaking the expression.

I also did some minor modelling work, adjusting specific areas of the facial topology to aid the blendshape work.

Main model by Klaus Skovbo, asset concept sculpting by Rudy Massar


The Occamy character went through a number of design iterations and adjustments throughout it's development process. I joined the character work around mid way through, picking it up from work from another artist, with the bulk of my time being spent on doing design changes that were requested after reciving a concept change from the client during the sculpt phase.

This also involved full modelling work on the head/body (tail was completed by another artist), and a minor set of FACS facial blendshapes.

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