My work:

The bulk of my time was spent working on the Doomsday character, producing a full set of FACS facial blendshapes for the "stage 1" version of the character (pre nuclear bomb transformation) for MPC shots.

However, as this work was only for MPC's "stage 1" Doomsday shots, of which there were only a handful. The bulk of the "stage 1" Doomsday facial was done by another vendor and "Stage 2" facial blendshape work was done by another artist.

We completed a full FACS setup for "just in case" scenarios as we had the bid days. So although the work isn't massively visible in the final movie, the process was a good challenge and a lot was learnt from it.

My work also involved developing a workflow to mirror blendshapes across the asymmetrical topology used on the "stage 2" version of our Doomsday asset, and also to transfer blendshape work done on "stage 1" Doomsday over to "stage 2" Doomsday and vise versa

Awaiting dvd release for images.


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