My work:

My first stage of work on the Elector ship involved taking the fairly loose client concept designs and working with the MPC art department to turn it into something that was viable in 3D. Re-designing it certain areas when needed.

From there, I continued on to build around 80% of the final model (excluding the inside hangar bay and close up version of the tractor beam/control bridge area).
I built the:

  • General large hull areas, their panelling and damage.
  • Front/back control bridge (before close up remodel) and antenna areas.
  • Engine areas, and hangar bay door areas.

For the central, busy looking, "core" of the ship, I lead a team of 2 other artists to create a set of modular assets that we could easily piece together to build complex sci-fi like structures.
This also involved writing a python script that would allow the structures to be automatically rebuilt if the original modular assets sets were changed.

Lastly, I did some basic design for the ravager launching mechanisms that sit inside the hangar bay, figuring out how they would drop-launch the ravager ships.


I did a limited amount of design/modelling work for the back of the Starblaster ship. Focusing on the engine and wing connection/housing and rotation mechanism.


I worked on the facial blendshapes for Groot, using a previous first pass that was created by another artist, during the early test shots, as a base and taking it to final.
For this, a lot of attention was paid to the eyes areas, making sure we could achieve the subtle fleshy movements requested for the eyes when Groot was looking around.

Sakaaran head

For the Sakaaran head, I took the 3D scan of the onset prosthetic and redesgined parts the inner mouth area to allow us to achieve the mouth movement required for the dialog shot.
This continued on to include sculpt pass on the entire head to design/recover details on the head that were missing from the prosthetic/scan model.



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